Friday, June 7, 2013

Zion day 2 - The Narrows

The Narrows is the walk up the Virgin River where the canyon walls close in. Much if the walk is wading through the river and when it is almost snowing outside, the water is pretty chilly too. We hired 'dry suits' - full body suits that go over your clothes to keep you dry - they worked pretty well - and special river shoes (worn over wet-suit booties to keep your feet warm). With all the effort needed to keep your balance and wading upstream, the only time I really felt cold was when we stopped for lunch. I would, however, like to do the walk on a hot day...

Oh and I'm making a disclaimer re the photo quality since a) I was using my cruddy little compact digital camera (that is waterproof) and b) the stupid thing had an almost flat battery the whole time (despite me charging it only a few days before)

The intrepid gang sets out...

The start of The Narrows walk

Trying to keep to the shallowest bits

It's easier to walk on dry ground

The canyon deepens...

...and narrows

Yours truly striking a manly pose whilst sporting a sexy dry-suit and standing in a creek

Angel went climbing

Ade and John took the deep way

Shadowy corners were very icy and super slippery all day

Frozen pools of water on the edge of the walk

Ted and Melissa contemplate ...


A keen bunch of photographers setting up mid-stream

Heading back down again

Ray of light

A random Mule Deer came wandering up the canyon as we headed down

You get a sense of the scale of the walls...

The end is in sight...

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