Sunday, June 2, 2013


Learned a lot visiting Gettysburg, both about the civil war and my intolerance of hordes of 5th graders!!!

The battle is significant because of the loss of lives and the fact that the Union forces led by Gen Meade turned back the Confederate forces led by Gen Lee. Lee, coming up from the south, had been winning a lot of ground but losing a lot of men and this battle sent him and his force back south again despite overrunning the town of Gettysburg on days 1 and 2 of the battle (July 1 and 2, 1863). On day 3, the Union forces held the line and repelled all Confederate advance. By the end of 3 days there were 45-51,000 casualties - approx 8,000 dead, 28,000 wounded and over 10,000 missing.

Farmhouse that served as General Meade's HQ

High point on Cemetery Ridge -  the union side on day 3 of the battle

Close to 'The Angle' and the high watermark (the furthest Confereate troops advanced on day 3)

Looking west toward Seminary Ridge (the line of trees) where the Confederate line was

Canon on the Union side.

Confederate position on Seminary Ridge looking up hill towards Cemetery Ridge (Union line)

Looking east toward the Union line on Cemetery ridge

Looking north-east towards the Union high ground from the Confederate line near Pitzer Woods.
View at Little Round Top lookout looking west towards Devil's Den - this was the southern end of the Union line and the high ground.

At the visitor centre - the 'Cyclorama' (cylindrical panorama???) is a huge 360 degree painting of the battle from the high point on Cemetery Ridge in the Union line. The painting was originally completed in 1883

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  1. A great photographic record of some interesting American history.