Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grand Canyon - South Rim part I

From Lees Ferry we headed back uphill, working our way around the east end of the canyon, through Navajo land and then back west towards the South Rim. On the way in to the park you pass over the Little Colorado River, which has its own decent looking gorge that it has carved for itself. At the east end of the Park is Desert Views.

The Watchtower at Desert Views is at 7,428 ft and gives views across the plains to the East and up the Grand Canyon to the North (it bends North here) and down to the West.

Black Mesa (looking East)

Looking North

Colorado River far below(flowing left to right into the canyon)

Looking West down the Grand Canyon

View from inside the Watchtower

After desert views we spotted a Mountain Lion which was crossing the road ahead of us. It walked into the bushes before I could pull out the camera, but I got a shot of it hiding in the bushes.

Zooming in you can make out its body and a bit of its face as it sits looking back at us through the scrub.

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