Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kentuck Knob

The Hagan House was originally built for the Hagan family of Hagan Ice Cream fame, Pittsburgh's favourite - not to be confused with Haagen Dazs, which was created in New York, of course. Anyway the house was sold to Peter Polumbo, who happened to also be the second owner of the Farnsworth House. Lord and Lady Polumbo still visit the area but leave the house for public tours, including the extensive sculpture meadow/trail, however their extensive private art collection still inside the house meant no interior photos were allowed. This is later home by Wright (construction 1953-56) and was designed while he was working on the Guggenheim in NYC. Apart from the builders on site ignoring his instructions and adding a lot more reinforcing to the roof, it is not a bad little effort by FLW.



Bedroom wing

The view from the garden

FLW signature tile

Looking at the living wing

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