Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lees Ferry/Marble Canyon

The Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon crosses the Colorado, but if you take a side detour to Lees Ferry you find the launching place for most Grand Canyon rafting adventures downstream. (You can't go very far upstream because the Glen Canyon dam that creates Lake Powell is just up from this point). Lees Ferry is one of the only places you could historically easily access the Colorado River for miles around and so was a good place for a ferry since the mid 1800s.

Still waters, good for launching rafts

The Navajo Bridge - on the left is the 1929 bridge which you can now walk over, and the right is the current bridge. In the middle is the Sun!

The sections of the Vermillion Cliffs around this area had some pretty awesome rock formations too

There were lots of these tumbled down and then eroded rocks

This one gives a sense of the scale

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