Sunday, June 2, 2013


Uuumm look, I'm sure Philly is a really cool city and had lots to offer and is pretty exciting and has cool museums and stuff, but I just didn't particularly enjoy the place. It was interesting...well it has some interesting things....well it has stuff that I'm sure is interesting to some people, but for me a shoddily-made, cracked bell and the place where the colonial governing official decided to declare war on Britain just didn't grab me....seriously dudes, you could have just started ignoring for Australia pretty much.  Oh and Philly roast beef, onions and cheese in a roll - I reckon my year 7 tuck shop did better!

Philly Chinatown

 Town Hall

Rodin Museum

Fairmount Park

Delaware River looking over at Camden. New Jersey

Benjamin Franklin's post office and residence

 Independence Hall aka the Pennsylvania State House and home of the Second Continental Congress (reps from the 13 colonies - 1775 to 1783) - there were a few short breaks while the Brits actually held Philly in 1776...and 1777 and the Pennsylvania mutiny of 1883....when the Congress had to flee several times

The Assembly Room where the Declaration and Constitution were signed (after a LOT of political wrangling of course!)

An original copy, I believe

Congress Hall - Congress

Congress Hall - Senate

Elfreth's Alley -  considered the USA's oldest continuously inhabited residential street - dating to 1702

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