Sunday, June 2, 2013


NO words....PICTURES!!!!

 First glimpse


View from the bridge over the creek

The creek...

Stairs down to the creek and swimming pool on right

 Window detail


Living Room

 Living Room 

 Living room, looking out

Stairs down to the creek and pool from the living room

Balcony over creek and swimming pool
 Swimming pool and creek 

External stairs down to pool and creek

Stairs to upper balcony

3 storey window

The falling water from one of the cantilevered balconies


Upper balcony

Looking through that 3-storey window

Outside stairs up to top bedroom

View from upper balcony

Internal stairs

Stairs up to guest and servants quarters

Garden outside guest quarters

Guest quarters

Swimming pool at guest quarters

Overview from an outlook on a trail in the grounds

...and now for the iconic views...


Ok Kaufmann House - aka Fallingwater built 1935. The Kaufmanns asked for a holiday house that had views of the creek and waterfall, FLW decided to build the house ON the waterfall. Fallingwater is generally considered the best work of American architecture and is arguable one of the best ever anywhere. Everything is designed by FLW and the only real flaw is the engineering. Major renovations in 2002 added a bunch of rigidity to the sagging cantilevered balconies, but hey, who's perfect? The Kaufmann family used the house from 1937 to 1963 when the son (Ed Kaufmann Jr) donated it to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and it has been a public museum since 1964. Nice guy!


  1. A beautiful record of creative brilliance in a stunning setting.

  2. Possibly the most beautiful house... impressive pics Chris although you'd probably say it was hard to take bad shots there... the setting for this structure is incredible. I don't think I'd see interior shots before...What was the design and build dates?

    1. Designed in 1935, main house construction was completed in 1937.

  3. Very nice; work of nature, architecture & art combined