Friday, August 28, 2015

Rose Valley Waterfall - Dec 2013

Another great area up Highway 33 and in the Los Padres National Forest is the Rose Valley area. This area is around 4000 ft and has access to a number of great spots, including a favorite, Middle Lion Campground, the stunning Piedra Blanca and hiking in the Sespe Wilderness (yet to be undertaken!).

A short walk in this area is to the Rose Valley Waterfall. It seems to have at least a trickle of water all the time.

Matilija Creek - Murietta Canyon - Nov 2013

Another great location for hikes in our area is in the Matilija Canyon area. There is the upper North fork of the Matilija Creek, and you can hike and camp on that, or head west to Murietta Canyon, which we did.


Kennedy Ridge - October 2013

I think this was my first time up Kennedy Ridge trail. The Ventura river was still dry making the crossing easy, and a crisp October morning afforded a good opportunity for this rather steep little hike which takes you through the Ventura River Preserve and into the Los Padres National Forest.

At the top of the first section of the trail is a welcomed picnic table and then some nice rocks to scramble up and over. The main views are South (towards Oak View and the Channel Islands) and East (across Ojai), but from the rocks you can also see north to Matilija Canyon,

Polarizing filter magic...

 I had a try at stitching together a panorama from about 3 or 4 photos - it kind of works. This is looking mostly east toward the Topa Topas and Ojai.