Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bryce Canyon - part I

The main feature of Bryce Canyon National Park is perhaps unsurprisingly, Bryce Canyon, which is itself, not really a canyon, more of a big ridge/cliff with amazing rock formations on one side. There is a mix of 'hoodoos' the blobby stacks and eroded arches. The elevation is higher than Zion with the highest points being more than 1,000 ft higher than the peaks in Zion. Hence it was still snowy on the ground after some early season snowfall but the day had warmed up a lot so it wasn't too cold during our visit.

On advice of the rangers we drove to the farthest point (which happens to be the highest), Rainbow Point. 9,000 feet isn't too shabby...for comparison the tallest 'mountain' (Kosciuszko) in Australia is 7,310 ft.

And the view wasn't too shabby

Nice snowy path to walk along - not too slippery or slushy, it was kind of fun

oh hi!

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