Friday, September 11, 2015

Yosemite - part 3 Glacier Point

Glacier Point

Heading north from Wawona, you wind your way through the park and take a right and head up to Glacier Point. The road takes you up behind Sentinal Dome (one of the famous Yosemite rocks) and then out to Glacier Point which juts at about 7200ft out into then middle of the Yosemite Valley some 3000 feet below. Straight across the valley to the east is the most famous Half Dome and to the north is Yosemite Falls and to the west is El Capitan.

 Glimpses into the valley abound as you make your way up to Glacier Point

 Vernal Falls from way up.
 The valley floor some 3000 ft below

 This (above and below) is looking at where Yosemite Falls would be, if there was water flowing.
 Half Dome on the right

The patch of sand is Mirror Lake, minus the water

Close up of the top of Half Dome

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