Friday, September 11, 2015

Monterey and Big Sur Coast

After Yosemite we headed West across the Central Valley to Monterey. This was passing through John Steinbeck country; a lot of his works are set around this region and there is a memorial to him there. After lunch we headed down the coast road (Hwy 1) along the stunning cliffs of the Big Sur Coastline.

Looking north across Monterey Bay

 Seals and Sea Lion's know when the fishermen have arrived...

Cannery Row, as in the Steinbeck book title...

There are a few State marine parks along the coastline in and around Monterey.

Skipping the 17-mile toll-road that goes through some uber exclusive real estate including the famous Pebble-Beach golf course, we rejoin the 1 and discover some stunning scenery easily the rival of the Great Ocean Road.

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