Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Prom (Part II)

On to Tidal River...

 Marshy bits at Tidal River

 Whale Rock

 The Olds

 Tidal River footbridge

Pillar Point trail

Erosion from flooding on the Pillar Point trail

 Looking at Mt Oberon from the Pillar Point/Squeaky beach trail

 Tidal River beach (Norman Bay)

Squeaky Beach (Leonard Bay)

 Squeaky Beach (Leonard Bay) 

Norman Bay from Pillar Point, with Mt Oberon crowned with cloud

Looking out from Pillar Point past Oberon Point with Skull Rock on the horizon

An Orchid

 Granite rocks at Squeaky beach

  Granite rocks at Squeaky beach with Mt Bishop in the background

 Looking towards Pillar Point

Crimson Rosella

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