Friday, June 3, 2011

Tourist without a Cause

Having tried to visit once before but being thwarted by the whole 'closed for renovations' thing, I finally visited the Griffith Observatory. The day was only average for long distance visibility, but the views were none the less impressive, and the building itself is quite impressive, right down to the little tribute to Jimmy Dean.

Inside the building is a whole heap of informative displays on astronomy and a range of other sciences (mainly physics).  The main building includes a Foucault Pendulum (pic below).


  1. Shouldn't you go there at night to have a look at the stars?

  2. Maybe, then again star spotting in LA is usually of a different kind, better done wherever you see a red carpet and some crazed lemurs with cameras.

  3. I got the bullets... I GOT THE BULLETTS... !!!