Monday, June 13, 2011

Salton Sea part II - Salvation Mountain and Slab City

Salvation Mountain
Continuing our Salton Sea adventure we also visited Salvation Mountain. Ahh how do I describe this place...ummm.....basically one slightly crazy guy (Leonard Knight), who really, really loves Jesus has built and painted his very own little mountain out of straw bales and adobe. He has also created a museum off to the side which mainly comprises more bible quotes and slogans inside a twisting cavern with embedded trees and old timber as structural support. Kind of like Dr Seuss on a bad trip.

He's still going strong but fairly deaf - we found him kicking back in the shade and we shared some of our lunch with Leonard and some dude who was touching up some of paint. It may be a little kooky but you gotta admire his dedication and the result, while maybe not fully aligned everyone's artistic taste, is certainly effective.

 William, John, Raquel, Chris, Laura (Cheyenne took the photo)

Slab City
Just behind the mountain is a place called Slab City - a former military base taken over by alternative lifestylers in RVs (Recreational Vee-Hicles) and featured in the book/movie "Into the Wild". We didn't stay long as there wasn't anyone about in the middle of the day but there were a few pics to be had.

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  1. Great pics!! Wow! Creativity comes in all sorts of manifestations... I love what he's done! It's so wild and colourful!! I remember Slab City from the movie. Gee, you're having awesome adventures!:-)