Monday, July 1, 2013

Arches pt 4 - Broken Arch, Sand Dune Arch, Delicate Arch

Back down the road a little from Devils Garden is Broken Arch and Sand Dune Arch. We kind of got close to Broken Arch, but since it was broken, we didn't bother walking all the way toward it, but headed the other way and checked out Sand Dune Arch more closely.

Broken Arch across the field

Sand Dune Arch is in between a bunch of rocks in a sort of canyon, where eroded sand presumably gathers to create a sandy floor

The next stop was the iconic Delicate Arch -  used as a State Symbol for Utah. We took the lower trail which gives views up to the arch, but not the classic view from right under it.

La Sal mountains visible from the trail - highest peak around 12,700ft

Delicate Arch

Petroglyphs near the trails - carved between 1650 and 1850 AD by local Ute Indians

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