Thursday, January 5, 2012

Venice (part I)

The last stop on our Italy visit was famous Venice. I wasn't quite sure how I'd like it considering how many tourists flock to the city but I think even the hordes of camera waving, slow walking, slightly sunburned people couldn't dampen the experience. We had amazing weather and in a few day managed to catch most of the big sites and a few of the back streets. I even managed to have a coffee that I liked. (This is a big step for me.)

Upon arrival we discovered there was a partial strike, meaning the waterbuses (Vaporetto) were only running every hour and were packed. So we dug into our wallets and hired a water taxi. For 13 people and luggage it turned out to be reasonable value. When we slipped our driver a few extra bucks to take the long route and detour through the backstreets (waterways) before delivering us near our hotel, well it made it all worthwhile.

7. Venice Waterways
Grand Canal

Peggy Guggenheim collection museum

Santa Maria della Salute

San Giorgio Maggiore 

Doges Palace (right), St Mark's Campanile (left)

The "backstreets"

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  1. Great pics :) how you doing that always is nice weather on photos!! :P