Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...and we're back.

Following another interlude that involved a long drive via the Grand Canyon, Arches and Zion National Parks (pictures to come) and a flying visit to New York (still got it), we are back to the Europe Trip.

Part two is the area we stayed in in northern Tuscany. We were based in a little town called Caprignana which is nestled in the San Romano in Garfagnana region, north of Lucca.

From our base in the beautiful villa we explored surrounding towns and took excursions further afield to Lucca, Pisa and Viareggio.

2. Caprignana and surrounds

Morning view out of my window of the fort at Verrucole

I Cingali - Our Villa

Looking down to the next town - Orzaglia
  A street in Orzaglia

View back to Caprignana from near Orzaglia
Old Caprignana was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1920s

Mountains surrounding our valley - much of which were in the Apennines National Park

A spot in the Serchio river the kids took a swim at a nearby town called Camporgiano

Castelnuovo di Garfagnana is the main town in the region

Approaching the hill top fort at Verrucole

Another town in the region called Barga with a medieval walled city
 The Duomo di Barga

View overlooking Barga from in front of the church

The last morning in the region put on a decent sunrise


  1. Ohhhh it's like being there your photos are postcard quality! What beautiful places! Well done! Looking forward to more:-)xoxo

  2. Should put these in the dictionary next to "rustic"