Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mission control, the wombat has landed.

Ahhh arrival, so much anticipation and excitement and angst....long queues at immigration and customs, and then finally breaking out into the light to see 3 out 4 of the main reasons why I'm here (ie John, Raquel and Cheyenne). Sleep deprived first impressions are often a little confusing but I thought I'd let the camera do the talking....
 Happy much? Soon after arrival, I'm just glad top be here...
 1-800 Get Thin - that's why I'm really here...
 LA Freeways - look out here I come!!!
 Low-ri-dah (well kinda high-rider but hey)
 Cheyenne+Culinary skillz = Epic Win
 Eggs etc - breakky - eggwhite mix with brown rice and salsa! (form the health option corner)
 MY room - hear that, it's mine!!!
 John relax with a coffee
 Junipero Ave just outside where I live now
 Me and Winston - he was slightly excited when I arrived
Raquel in the coffee shop with Sharon (note gelato cabinet to the right)

That was day 1


  1. Whoohoo! Mission acomplished: The wombat has successfully infiltrated the new territory and looks happy and content in his new environment!;-)
    So glad all went well and you are safe!

  2. SoCal biodiversity will never be the same.... ;)

    Happy Easter & Happy House Warming Chris, John, Raquel, Cheyenne and Winston (did we get that right?).

    We're only sepated by a few (celcius) degress and a touch of cloud :) Clear beautiful skies here for ANZAC day.

    Slazza & Rach

  3. Picture #1 = very scary.
    Don't think you need the 1800 #; you're looking very slim in the pic with Winston.
    Good luck fitting in; remember that Australia is "that place in Europe" when asked, and yes you are an excellent skier. :-)